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Washable facemasks a great way to help prevent the spread of Covid


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As we move towards the ease of lockdown something we have highlighted before in a previous post is the importance of wearing a face mask to help prevent the spread of COVID 19. Many companies have hiked the prices on the disposable ones due to the manufacturing demand. This makes it an expensive accessory in the long run.

So to help you stay safe we have come across a few businesses that are making the washable facemasks so in effect helping you prolong the use of the product. Wear them daily and wash them in the evening already for the next day.

Washable face masks have many other uses, many joggers wear them also a big favourite with the cycling community helping them against air pollution whilst commuting in the big cities.

Please remember that wearing a face mask is not going to fully protect you but will help. Please when you visit any links on this page always read the details about the product carefully.

Other Outlets to buy washable face mask within the UK


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